How Wide is Your View?

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

The Short of It

  • Context is often overlooked when thinking about which direction to go.
  • The challenge is to overcome the appeal of being "in the weeds" and dedicating time to understanding the bigger picture.
  • Conscious steps to move outside of what we directly know and work on can help with the bounded rationality that everyone suffers from.

It’s amazing the difference a bit of context makes when it comes to understanding where you really are and which way you want to go. The challenge in our monitor constrained lives, whether it’s through our phones or our computers, is making sure that for all the time we spend “in the weeds” that an equal amount of time is spent understanding the bigger picture.

This doesn’t usually make things easier. But it does gives us a more realistic sense of the possibilities and better conditions us to understand that all choices that are made today are done so with a bounded rationality

And each time we try to take in a greater piece of the larger context, we take steps not only beyond our own boundaries, but beyond ourselves.

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