Unmanned Convenience Goes Big In China

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

Following the technical difficulties that halted the progress of Amazon’s new human-less grocery store concept in 2016, speculation has recently reignited for the rollout of Amazon Go after a new hiring campaign. This fully-automated shopping experience is described as “a massive jump beyond anything in use today.” Customers simply enter the smart grocery store and grab the items they need without waiting in line or going through checkout. Instead, sensors and machine learning capture, calculate and charge customers for their purchases. However, China’s second biggest retailer,, seems to have beat Amazon to the finish line. In partnership with a major Hong Kong real estate developer, plans to open hundreds of these unmanned stores with technology reportedly more advanced than Amazon’s—including facial and image recognition technology to track customers’ movement and product selection. This paves the way for personalized advertisements and more efficient inventory restocking—and an overall more streamlined experience for both retailer and shopper.

Source: Quartz

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