Stephen Curry: Superstar pairings that work

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

Consumer behavior is changing, and it is the recognition of this shift that distinguishes the innovative marketers from the amateurs. This year, Clorox brand Brita paired up NBA superstar Steph Curry with YouTube creator King Bach for the made-for-YouTube ad The Best Roommate Ever. The ad aimed to increase awareness among millennials of Brita Stream, Clorox’s new filter-as-you-pour water filter by using a fun, playful story that the target audience would relate to. The marketing team stressed the importance of letting go of control in order to resonate with Bach’s YouTube audience and generate an authentic and fresh voice. Knowing you’re partnering with the right people is vital, but David Kargas, director of marketing communications at Clorox, acknowledges that it’s still important to be clear about expectations. “Everyone involved should know two things: your objective and your boundaries. Everything else is creative space.” The collaboration paid off generating 2 million views, an incredible share rate and a 2,000% mobile search lift.

Source: Think With Google

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