New Japanese Wave on It's Way?

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

India is currently undergoing a Japanese wave. Indeed, India is going beyond just the buzz around the Bullet train and taking a renewed interest in all things Nippon—embracing Japanese culture in more ways than one. For instance, Marie Kondo, Japanese consultant organizer and author, published her Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book six years ago, which is only now coming into the Indian mainstream. The import of ASICS shoes brought with them gait analysis machines, which finally acknowledge that sport has come of age in India. This article looks at seven more ways the Nippon trend in India is growing, including the announcement of the movie Love in Tokyo—predictably a tale of an Indian man and Japanese woman falling in love—and the opening up of Indian retail and cuisine for Japanese products and food.

Source: The Hindu

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