Email Still Dominating

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

Every August, Adobe post the findings of their annual Consumer Email Report, in which over a thousand white collar individuals are asked about their email habits—how often they’re checking their inbox, where they’re checking it and also their opinions on what makes a good (and not annoying) email from a brand. Despite the rise of work-focused messaging apps such as Slack, the survey found that email still dominates online communication and people are continuing to check their emails just about everywhere—at work, obviously, but also at home, on the treadmill and in the bathroom. However, the survey did find that people are checking their emails 27% less often than than last year. Desktop is still the preferred method at work and mobile is preferred everywhere else. Based on the input Adobe received, the top tips they recommend for when sending emails to consumers include: making them personal (but not creepily so), concentrating on informing as opposed to promoting, optimising them for mobile devices and, most importantly, not emailing too often!

Source: Medium

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